The American flag needlepoint stool

For those who feel particularly patriotic or simply have a special connection with the United States, this stool will come as a real gift. This is the American flag needlepoint stool. You can buy it for $325.00. This piece, the same as any other stool, has a double function.The stool is both functional and can serve as an extra seat or a place to rest your feet onto but it can also become an accent feature and a decoration for the home.

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This stool is part of a larger collection featuring several different styles and patterns. The stool has rather robust feet. The frame and feet are made of wood and have a lacquer finish. The stool also has a very comfortable cushion. It features a handmade needlepoint top with plush velvet sides.

The stool features 100% wool needlepoint and solid wood legs in an ebony finish. The overall dimensions of this piece are 9″ wide x 14″ long x 6″ tall. It’s definitely a very comfortable piece of furniture. It has a simple and compact design but its most distinctive feature is the design from the top representing the American flag. It would make a colorful addition to your home and it will also be personal reminder. After all, there has to be a reason to choose such a distinctive design.