The all-in-one kitchen table by Aslıhan Tokat

Little by little, we are starting to compress the elements we use in our home. The living room sofa doubles as a bed, the dining table doubles as a desk and so on and so forth. But the kitchen is the room where we need the most free space. It’s why Aslıhan Tokat has come up with a very ingenious table design.

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This is a multi-functional table that basically includes everything one needs in the kitchen when preparing food and not only. The table is called Future Cook and it’s an interactive unit. It serves as a prep area, a washing area and it includes an induction cook top and an integrated food processor. It’s basically everything you need in one simple table. This allows you not only to save a lot of space in your kitchen but to basically replace the whole kitchen with this unit.

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The Future Cook also allows you to learn nutritional information about the food you’re cooking and electronic recipes right there at your kitchen workstation. The main idea was to create a smart counter, the kitchen table of the future that would allow you to save space and time. The Future Cook offers you all that in a very attractive package. The table has a minimalist and futuristic design and a very compact shape. It’s elegant, easy to use and extremely functional.{found on yankodesign}.