The Aesop boutique in Ginza by Schemata Architecture Office

This is what used to be 35-year old shop located in Ginza, a region of Japan. The shop was in pretty bad condition, not to mention the old interior design. But even so, it had potential. A while ago this old shop was converted into a beautiful Aesop boutique and it also got a new look with the occasion.

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The change wasn’t very dramatic. The boutique preserved the traditional look and the principal materials used in the renovation were red bricks, concrete and natural wood. Even though the shop got a serious makeover, it still has that old look but that’s design the architects were trying to achieve. They tried to incorporate some of the elements from the old shop into the new design and to make a smooth transition.

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The old shop once has a façade covered with red brick tiles. However, the tenants above didn’t like the bricks and painted them. In order to recreate that look, the architects chose to create a red brick interior that doesn’t bother the others but that also makes the connection with the past. They also incorporated several wooden boards on which the products are displayed. The boutique is a long and narrow space and it looks even more mysterious with this décor. It’s an intriguing new look, both old and new.The interior design was done by Schemata Architecture Office, and pictures by Alessio Guarino.