The 3 Way Compact Japanese House

This white and compact block is the 3 Way House. It was a project by Japanese practice Naf Architect & Design. The Naf House is a two storey private residence that was designed for a family of four. It’s located in a residential neighborhood in Tokyo, Japan. In this particular district there are both new and old buildings and yet none of them can be compared to this one.

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The 3 Way House distinguishes itself and stands out with its white and imposing exterior. All the buildings in the area must stand at a minimum height of 7 meters above the ground. There are no exceptions and this might pose some restrictions to the design but it’s in fact a productive idea that allows the inhabitants to enjoy beautiful views. The 3 Way House features a climbing wall and a central courtyard. The residence has a cubic shape with windows of different sizes and at different heights.

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The simple design of the house and its textured facades make it stand out. The residence has rectangular windows and a large opening at the street level. It includes a covered car park connected to the multi-storey courtyard. The house also has a large rooftop that serves as an additional room. The terrace is surrounded by a two-meter high parapet.

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This element was included both for safety and to meet the height regulation of 7 meters. The courtyard is situated at the core of the house. The residence has a kitchen, and living and dining area included in a glass-encased volume. The access to the upper level is provided through the climbing wall as well as through a series of ladders.{found on designboom}.