Thanksgiving wreath for the doorway

Thanksgiving Day is almost near and many people are still looking for the last minute things they need to decorate their homes for this special holiday. Well, Thanksgiving wreaths for the doorway seem to be really popular this year , too, and more and more people prefer buying them directly instead of spending a lot of time trying to make one with their own hands. Though this is not as difficult as you may think.

First of all you need a strong wire or steel frame for the wreath and then you can add all the other decorations. Basically they are fruit and vegetables and leaves that are specific to this season – the late fall, and which are all colored in orange, yellow, green or brown. This combination of colors is perfect for the arrangement you need, so you can collect natural leaves from the yard and place them in the empty spots in between two vegetables or fruits.

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Tie everything really tight with some fishing rod – it is perfect because it is invisible when you use it for tying the veggies together and it is also very strong and resistant and you will not have the unpleasant surprise of gathering all the components of your wreath from the entire hallway.

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If you do not want too much trouble you can simply use some berries together with some of their natural bush branches , tie them in a circle and the wreath will be ready. And if you lack the skills or the time – then go to the store and buy one and try again next year.