12 DIY Candles for Your Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Most people think of a Thanksgiving table the same way; set places around the edge and the middle piled high with turkey and mashed potatoes and casseroles. However, many families don’t set the table so properly for Thanksgiving. Most of the time, there is too much food to fit on the same table you eat from. So the food gets it’s own table in the kitchen or a common space that’s easy for people to file through and pile their plates high. That means there is an empty space down the middle of your dining room table. It’s the perfect opportunity to grab your matches and put together a centerpiece that revolves around a few candles you made yourself. Here are 12 DIY candle projects to help you get your centerpiece started.

DIY Quick and Easy Citrus Candles

Citrus has two things going for it. It smells amazing and it has lovely bright harvest colors that will look smashing against your leafy Thanksgiving tablecloth. Plus you can burn them out in an evening and won’t feel bad about throwing them away when the guests leave. (via Bird’s Party)

DIY cinnamon Candle

Everyone loves a cinnamon candle, period. Cinnamon is such a warm scent that is reminiscent of home and Grandma’s kitchen so making a few of these cinnamon scented candles to scatter around your house for Thanksgiving will be a win. (via My Crazy Good Life)

DIY painted stripe candles

Tapers are such a classy way to decorate for any holiday, but when they’re striped like these, you add an element of casual family fun. This DIY uses paint to get those stripes and suddenly, cheap plain tapers will look like you paid a million bucks for them. (via Lindsey Crafter)

DIY beeswax candles

The great part about Thanksgiving is that it’s a day where family gathers for the whole day, from the cooking in the morning to the late night chatting. Grab the kids while the turkey is cooking and make these simple beeswax tapers to light at dinner. (via DIY in PDX)

DIY scented candles

I don’t know which I love more, the fact that these are scented candles or that they’re made in wooden bowls. It seems like a great way to bring several natural elements to the table, pleasing both the eyes and the nose. (via Tag and Tibby)

DIY metallic dipped candles

You just gotta love metallic, am I right? Choose whichever shade matches the rest of your table decor and dip some white tapers into metallic paint. It’s so simple and yet the result is so elegant. (via Oleander and Palm)

DIY kitchen container candles

If you cook much, you know that somewhere, in the back of some cabinet, there are little kitchen containers you don’t ever use. Pull them out and make them into candles for your table this Thanksgiving. (via Woods of Bell Trees)

DIY sharpie patterned candles

Some candle decorating is as easy as a sharpie and a pillar candle. Next time you’re at the craft store, pick up some cheap pillars and let your kids draw leaves and feathers all over them. (via Dwell Beautiful)

DIY painted round candles

While you’re at it, grab some of the ball candles too. Use a little brush to cover them in metallic designs that you can leave out from Thanksgiving to New Years. (via A Pretty Fix)

DIY copper candles

These pillar candles are fake and that could be just the right centerpiece option for you when you have kids around the table. This project uses foil tape for those modern lines. (via Design Improvised)

DIY washi tape candles

While we’re on the tape train, you know I had to include washi tape. Since it comes in all different patterns and widths, you can create a centerpiece in mere minutes with a few snips and a wrap. (via Delineate Your Dwelling)

DIY pumpkin candles

Pumpkins are the classic pick for all fall decor. If you have some around the house at Thanksgiving, hallow them out and make them into candles for your centerpiece. It doesn’t get more classic than that. (via Twine and Table)