Thailand Wood Prefab Houses

This project is made by a non-profit group of student architects – designed these unusual wood prefab houses, Soe Ker Tie Hias, which translates to “Butterfly Houses,” in Noh Bo, Tak, Thailand. The Butterfly Houses is eco-friendly made, with a natural ventilation. Made from bamboo, the homes are prefabricated and assembled on site, adding to their sustainable appeal.

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It’s not a very durable and resilient house, but still, it’s very creative. It’s an interesting house, with a creative design. It’s not so often that you see butterfly house made from bamboo. It has more than an unusual shape and an original material choice. It also has that cool natural ventilation system. It’s just a small project but maybe the idea will catch on and it will be incorporated in larger projects.

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Thailand wood prefab housesView in gallery

This house was not made to actually be able to live in it. It was more like an art project. It could still make a small refuge for those who need a little peace and quiet, some time away from the city, where they can be alone with their thoughts. It’s actually a great place for meditation. Another interesting detail is that the houses are prefabricated and actually assembled right there on site. This means you can pack your house and leave any time you want. It’s like the next generation if tents.