Textured stone planters for your mini-garden

In spring the nature starts to rejuvenate and we feel fresh as well. It’s a good time to start a garden or to simply plant some flowers to add color to your home. Still, you don’t need a reason to dot hat anyway. These beautiful and simple planters will be a delight for the eye the entire year. The planters are made of limestone and resin. They are resistant while also featuring a simple and minimalist design.

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You can buy the planters for prices between 118.9 and 238.60 euros. They have different sizes and different shapes. Each one of them is handcrafted from limestone and resin and they have a textures surface. Despite the fact that they are made of these materials, the planters are surprisingly lightweight. This makes even more versatile. Moreover, they can be sued both indoors are outdoors. Place them in the garden, on the terrace or by the pool and they will make great decorations. You can also include them in your interior décor by placing them in the corner of a room or as a statement piece on a side table. The entryway could also benefit from some fresh decorations like these ones.

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The planters come in various sizes and they also have various shapes. The small wide version measures 20″diam. x 24″h. The other small model is 19.5″diam. x 27.75″h. the medium planter’s dimensions are 14″diam. x 35″h and, finally, the large one measures 20″diam. x 48″h. They are easy to clean and easy to match with just about anything.