Tetris-style modular fireplace by Paolo Grasselli

Do you remember that old time computer game or even “brick” game that we used to play when we were children? It was called Tetris and you were supposed to arrange some bricks with different shapes that were falling from the sky so as to obtain impeccable rows without any gaps.

Tetris style modular fireplace by Paolo GrasselliView in gallery

That led to some very intricate and unusual looking brick formations and I guess that was the source of inspiration for Paolo Graselli. He must have had this in mind when he designed the Tetris-style modular fireplace.  Tetris-style modular fireplace by Paolo Grasselli is a part from the “Horus” collection.The Tetris modular fireplace was designed to be used also like a coffee table or to adapt your needs and interiors.

This modern fireplace can be configured in a number of ways and is available in red and white or black and white color schemes. Because it is modular, so made of many modules of different sizes and shapes, you can use your imagination and arrange them as you see fit for each situation.