Tetris-inspired storage space

This bamboo shelving set not only provides you with a very practical way of storing your things, but it also has an ingenious design. The shape is inspired from the well-known game called Tetris. To me it looks more like a maze. Either way, it looks good.

Tetrad bambooView in gallery

It can be used at home to store books or valuables or at the office. It has a very natural looks because of the combination between Amber and Blonde bamboo. The tones are very warm and cozy. It also has an organic oil finish. This interesting storage set was designed by Bravespace and it comes in 2 sizes. You can choose between the set of 5 that includes one piece of each shape, or the set of 10 with 2 pieces of each shape. Choose the one that better fits your home or the available space. The shelf depth is 9 inches, perfect for book storage or collectibles and it’s available for 1730$.