Terracotta Table Lamp

When I hear something about terracotta I immediately think of think of the great army of Chinese terracotta soldiers buried some place in China. Or maybe I think of my grandmother’s stove which was made of terracotta. But I never think about a lamp. I guess that is exactly what makes it so special and nice and, of course, unusual. The name comes from the terracotta base of the lamp, a pretty unusual material for a lamp. This makes it very resistant, sturdy, but fine and elegant at the same time. Let’s not forget that terracotta used to be the favourite material for the rich, something they used for stoves. This Terracotta Table Lamp is very well designed and looks a bit out of place here, like traveling through time and history.

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The lamp shade is pure and white an made of linen, which allows it to cast a nice and warm light over the things around it. The on/off switch allows you to have total control over it and and the nice and elegant design attracts all sorts of people. The lamp includes a 60W incandescent bulb, which is enough for a room. The lamp looks best on the table and can be bought now for $199.