Tepanyaki Grill Table by Troy Adams Design

It’s very difficult to find pieces that can be used both indoors and outdoor. Most of them are designed for a particular area of the house. For example, the dining table is usually placed in the kitchen, unless you have a different room of the house destined just for that. However, you need to have to different tables if you plan on eating outside.

Home tepanyaki grill table troy adams

It’s no longer the case. Troy Adams Design has created a very versatile and extremely functional table. It’s not just any table. It’s actually a combination of a grill and a dining table. A built-in stainless steel grill sits at the center of a black granite tabletop, which can be custom-made in any material and size. It’s a piece destined for entertainment and feeding a crowd. To me it seems a little uncomfortable to use that grill in the middle, but since they say the design can be adjusted and customized, I guess you can move it somewhere else.

The grill cooktop uses infrared heat that does away with smoke, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use, while a downdraft ventilator draws any smoke particles, grease and cooking odors out of the air. It’s a great combination, extremely functional and versatile. The Tepanyaki Grill Table successfully combined a traditional cooking method with the simplicity of modern designs. The result is very satisfying.