8 Things That Would Make Your Kitchen More Functional

Designing and decorating a kitchen are both never ending processes. There’s always a great idea just around the corner waiting to be implemented and there’s always something you could do to improve the overall aspect and functionality of this space. Below we’ve gathered 8 simple elements that will make things easier in the kitchen.

A chalkboard wall.

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There’s always something you need to write down somewhere in the kitchen, whether it’s a recipe, a to-do list, a grocery list or a message for someone else in the house. Instead of using sticky notes or some other method, how about having a chalkboard wall?

An herb garden.

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Fresh herbs make anything taste better so use them! And don’t run to the store or market every time you need them. Have your own herb garden right there in the kitchen. Mount planters on the wall to save space.

A spice drawer.

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Keep all your spices organized and right where you need them with a spice drawer under your cooktop. It’s a great way to keep all those small containers organized without wasting any counter space or leaving them on a shelf to collect dust.

A kitchen island with storage.

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Maximize the storage capacity of your kitchen with an island that has built-in drawers. You can also incorporate your appliances in there as well and make the island the main cooking station. You can outfit it with all sorts of practical accessories such as towel rods, a wine rack, etc.

A cupboard pantry.

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A pantry that’s an actual room designed for storage is often a thing most people can’t afford to waste space with in the kitchen but that doesn’t mean they have to give up the idea completely. You can have a cupboard pantry where you can store all the bottles, jars and even small appliances.

Strategically-placed windows.

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You’re probably wondering how windows can improve your kitchen’s functionality. Well, when you have a great view to look at while you’re cooking or washing dishes and lots of sunlight, everything becomes a pleasant and more enjoyable activity and you become more efficient.

A second sink.

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Having a second sink, usually built into the kitchen island, is really practical. Use one for washing dishes and the other when cooking. Or perhaps if two persons use the kitchen at the same time, they won’t have to share the same sink and waste time.

Open shelves and glass cabinet doors.

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Open shelves are extremely practical in the kitchen. They let you store and display things you use most often close at hand and thus they make you more efficient. The same thing goes for cabinets with see-through glass doors.