Sculptural Tel-Aviv Apartment Redesigned With Custom Furniture

The renovation of this 90 square meter apartment located in Tel-Aviv started in 2013 and was only completed in 2015. During these two years, architect Dori Redlich was busy adding his own elegant touch to the space.

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The overall image is that of a modern home infused with beautiful timeless accents and pieces of furniture belonging to various different styles and periods. The living area appears to integrate a raised, narrow space resembling to a balcony. The platform has been turned into a quiet relaxation spot and a pleasant reading area. A tall mirror at one end creates an interesting optical illusion.

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A comfortable black sofa with a lot frame is placed in the mostly white environment. Instead of curtains, the windows are hidden behind white blinds specific to this part of the globe. The wooden floors are covered with a large area rug that both blends in and stands because of its repetitive geometric design and chromatic palette.

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The TV sits on a media console, facing the sofa and in between them is a small coffee table with a round top and thin legs supporting it. Long, white curtains cover the entire wall on the left and black beams and accent features break the continuity of the décor.

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The custom-designed furniture in this apartment is highly sculptural. Carved out niches and nooks featuring irregular, geometric shapes can be seen throughout the rooms. The designer played with various shapes and also with a limited but suggestive palette of colors and materials.

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The kitchen opens onto the living space and features the same beautiful interplay of black and white elements displayed in the adjacent volume. A black counter supported by a beam serves as a prep area but also as a bar. A set of identical pendant lamps creates symmetry above it.

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The appliances are built in and the white or black kitchen cabinets which were custom designed to perfectly suit the space and the client’s preferences. There’s plenty of storage in the large drawers and hidden compartments and no nook or cranny is overlooked.

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