TEEbooks, the anti – bookcase

If you love books but you don’t like bookcases, your problem just got solved thanks to the designer Mauro Canfori. He created a very interesting shelving system that can be used in a number of different shapes. This way you can create any form you want, simple or complicated. You can design your own shape according to your personality and the space that is available.

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All these things are very interesting, but they are not the key feature that distinguishes this bookcase from all the other adaptable ones. What is really unique about this one is the fact that when it’s completely covered with books, the shelves become almost invisible to the eye.

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It’s like the books are floating on the walls.And because it’s invisible, you don’t have to worry about adapting it to match the rest of the furniture. It’s a piece of furniture very easy to adjust in any type of interior.