Teak Mini Scoop

Sometimes, especially when I try to clean the house and arrange all the things in it in a relative order, I think there are so many useless things piled up over the years and I almost feel like throwing them all away. But, somehow, I always manage to refrain this impulse and just arrange them instead of throwing them. And most of the times I congratulate myself for this at most one week afterwards when I need a certain utensil that I previously wanted to throw. One of the things in this category is the Teak Mini Scoop that can be very useful when I want to cook and take different ingredients.

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I don’t know about you, but I am used to a certain measure when cooking, for example a certain spoon is always used for sugar in the tea and a certain scoop for the salt in the food. So, if I lose these utensils and try using another one instead, I will be totally disoriented and change the taste of the food making it either too salty or tasteless. So the scoop is great in these cases, as it offers you just the right measure for your ingredient, so that the taste of the food will be perfect. This small teak scoop can be used for sugar, coffee, tea, or spices. It has a round handle and is gracefully curves. It is also made of wood in Thailand and you can have it for $12.