Teak Folding Stool

We are all modern people, living in a modern society, but we should stop for a while, every now and then, and take a look back, in the past. That can teach us a lot and we can find inspiration there and we can learn from the mistakes made in the past. We use all kind of gadgets, but when it comes to comfort and life style, it is always a lot more pleasant to sit an a wooden stool or chair instead of sitting on a plastic chair that gets hot in the sun and makes you feet and back sweat. This Teak Folding Stool is a combination of modern and tradition, of useful and nice looking.

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The stool is designed by Jens Quistgaardand he proved to have a creative mind when he took the shape from the ancient times and mixed it with the usefulness and portability asked by the modern man. The Teak Folding Stool was designed in 1985 and still looks amazing. It is made of teak and this brings warmth into your home. It can be used as a stool, but also as a side table or maybe a foot stool. It is very portable and also saves a lot of time because you can fold it easily and take it wherever you need it. When you no longer need it, just fold it and store it some place safe until next time. It is made in Thailand and you can choose whether to have it in natural teak or maybe have a layer of teak oil that will maintain its original look. The item can be purchased now for $310.

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