Teak Doormat

Doormats might seem like unimportant items but I think they have their well defined role to play around the house. They just stay there, lying in front of the door, sometimes welcoming you or the guests and always cleaning your shoes. This prevents you from getting dirt into the house, so it’s pretty hygienic and useful. Since it’s winter and it’s snow all around, these doormats are the perfect place where you shake and throw all the snow from your boots and clothes. Otherwise your hallway will look like a small pool. Not to mention muddy weather. Well, this particular doormat is a bit special because it is a Teak Doormat, meaning it is a doormat made of teak.


It is just like a traditional scraper doormat, except made of wooden staves of teak. This makes it easier for you to wipe your feet on it and prevents you from slipping. It does have a galvanized frame, but this only adds a plus to its elegance and style. The teak wood is pretty hard so it won’t wear easily. This doormat is available in two sizes and also has a very beautiful wooden colour. The small teak doormat is now available for $393 and the large one for $567.