Tastefully Bringing Animal Inspiration Into Your Interiors

Have you ever been to someone’s home and been somewhat afraid of the giant moose head adorning the fireplace wall? Even if you haven’t, many people love to display their “prize possessions” and taxidermy projects on the wall – which displays their personal love for the sport of hunting in their home. If you prefer a tamer way to add animal inspiration to your home there are several decor ideas for you interiors. From artwork and decorative animal elements, to animal prints in your textiles, your home can still show your love for your animal friends. Here are a few ways to bring animal inspiration into your interiors without having to go on an African safari trip!

animal inspiration horse decor
Bring animals into your home beautifully

Displaying your love for animals:

Whether you love animals in small or large proportions, creating a space for them in your home decor can often be a challenge. For many homes, small decorative animals gracing your bookshelves and walls may be the perfect way to bring your favorite creature to life in your home. For many homeowners their favorite animals are from mascots of their favorite athletic team, or from childhood memories of your family pet, animals in three-dimensional forms or even in printed wall art are wonderful ways to bring in your animals into your home decor.

animal inspiration wall decor
Subtle animal wall decor

Subtle animal decor:

Why not add animals in your bedding, textiles, wall art and accessories? You will be surprised how many artists have gorgeous artwork with every animal that walks the earth. Try to find animals that resonate with your personality and your family’s lifestyle. Cute and cuddly animals like koala, panda and polar bears work well in children’s room decor while strong animals such as lions, tigers, and bears work better in masculine and strong interiors. Choose artwork that brings out the colors of your surrounding interiors and contains images that will highlight the spirit of your home.  In nurseries and children’s playrooms, home offices, and also recreation rooms and living rooms are perfect areas to display your wild side!

animal ideas decorative kids room
Bring animals into your home with subtlety

Animal prints to brighten your interiors:

Have you seen how animal prints are popping up everywhere in interiors? Whether you love animal skin rugs, or adding punches of natural prints of zebra, leopard, giraffe and more. From furniture such as ottomans and sofas to decorative throw pillows and artifacts from your last exotic vacation. Remember animal prints can be as subtle or bold as you’d like. Take your design style into consideration and determine how much color, pattern, and texture influence you want in your room. Too many busy patterns can confuse the eye and make the room look haphazard. Opt for a few key pieces and then keep the rest of your space filled with solid colors.

animal print furniture idea
Animal prints balance solid colors in your home
animal print furniture
Choose a few key pieces for your animal prints

Creating a home that has animal influence tastefully can be easier than you once envisioned. From decorative three-dimensional pieces that grace your coffee table and bookshelves to wall art and animal prints, the choice is yours. Use these tips to bring nature and animal inspiration into your everyday home, beautifully.

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