Taste the Rainbow: How to Bring Bright Colours into the Kitchen

There is no place better for bright colours and inspirational interior design than the kitchen. This is a place for creativity and culinary delights. However, very few people take advantage of this. Instead they opt for conservative colours, such as grey and white. If your kitchen is looking uninspiring and dreary then an injection of colour can help you to completely transform the space into a place that is fun and exciting to be in. You will find yourself wanting to cook and create new dishes more frequently than ever before.

Kitchen accessories

Colourful kitchen kitchen ideas trays

Colourful kitchen kitchen ideas colourful tableware

If you are looking for a cheap and quick way of bring brightness into your home then all you need to do is purchase a few kitchen accessories. This is also a fantastic option for thus looking to emulate a retro feel in their home.


Colordul kitchen design

Bright kitchen

If you like a spot of painting then take out your paint brush and get to work! The use of block colours in these pictures works brilliantly. This adds another dimension and brings fun to the kitchen space. It is a lot more effective than an accent wall for example. When picking your colours of choice blue and green are next to one and other on the colour wheel and thus they complement each other well.  Other great colour combinations include; red and orange, yellow and orange, red and purple, and green and yellow.

Light fixture.

Colorful lighting fixture

Rose lighting

Lights tend to go unnoticed in the kitchen. Most people have spotlights or a small chrome fixture. But if you take a look online you will see a wealth of fantastic brightly coloured light fixtures. Why not go for one of these instead?

Table decor.

Table decor

Colourful kitchen kitchen ideas dining room

If you have an area to dine in your kitchen then table decoration should play a big role when it comes to making the room look bright and colourful. This is an easy way of bringing colour into your kitchen and what is so great about it is the fact that the possibilities are vast. From napkins to table centre pieces to cutlery to table cloths; you have so much to play around with.

Wall art.


Orange kitchen wall art

This is another easy way of adding fun, colour and excitement to your kitchen space. Wall art offers you the opportunity to express your personality and bring lots of character into a room. When it comes to the kitchen, wall art based on food is the most obvious choice and there is no denying the fact that it works really well. You can even get creative and do your own wall art with cutlery pieces. Nothing says original, fun, and exciting better than a bit of DIY decor!

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