Tapi or the portable water fountain

If you have children then you know that going out for a walk can be a real adventure and you can be forced to find solutions for the most unusual and unexpected problems. And the smaller they are the bigger the trouble. For example they are always thirsty and if they forgot their water bottle at home or simply finished it they will start screaming for some water. But what to do when there is no shop around and the only source of water is an old nasty looking public tap and there are no cups anywhere near you? This can be a serious problem, as kids don’t know how to sip water from your cupped hands. Well, fortunately, some smart guys from Dreamfarm have thought of this situation and invented Tapi.

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Tapi is an original rubber device that can be easily attached to any tap and can be removed after using. It can be used as such or , if you squeeze its end, it will look like a water fountain and your kid will be able to drink that water that springs out of it on the side of the tap.



It is small and easy to use and it’s cheap, too – only $5.95 if you order online. It does not change the water taste and can be washed in the dish washer without a problem.It is available in different colours and it’s fun, too.