Taking Inspiration From Restaurant Designs For Your Home

Restaurants are often at the forefront of interior design because the market place is so competitive. New eateries will try and outstrip established competition by appointing contemporary designers that catch the eye with new ideas. Interior designers can make their name by putting together a restaurant’s décor, since plenty of potential clients will see and experience it.

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Unless you have a huge family, some aspects of restaurant design need to be scaled down in order to work well in a domestic setting. Nevertheless, using modern restaurant design as a starting point for new ideas can give your home a refreshingly up to date look. When you are next eating out, take some inspiration from the restaurant that you can apply to your home’s dining room and kitchen.

Funky Flooring.

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Restaurant floors take a lot of punishment. They have to withstand a large number of people treading over them, not to mention spillages and stains. Carpets are usually, therefore, not utilised by restaurant designers. If you choose to dispense with carpet in your dining area, there is no need to go for something that is plain in its place. There are many funky floor tiles and laminates that will keep your room looking bright and breezy. Get a contemporary restaurant look by mixing and matching styles instead of choosing a consistent design.

Professional Kitchen Ideas.

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A professionally run kitchen is a creative workspace, but one that is usually shared by a number of different people. Organization is, without doubt, the key to making the place operate efficiently. Try cutting recesses in your kitchen counter top for stainless steel containers that can hold frequently used utensils and ingredients, such as salt. A brushed stainless steel range style cooker will give your kitchen a really professional look. Hang your utensils from a pole rather than keeping them in a drawer and keep your knives sharp by storing them in a wooden block. Keeping your equipment stored upright, as they do in professional kitchens, makes them easier to locate.

Breakfast Bars.

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Restaurant inspired breakfast bars are great if you want to have an informal place to eat. A trendy breakfast bar idea is to have one that is set on casters, which can be moved around with ease. Of course, you need one that has brakes that can be applied when you want to east from it. A moveable breakfast bar gives you total flexibility in your space and they work particularly well in apartments. Stainless steel counter tops are also very much in vogue at the moment and they have the benefit of being easy to clean.

The Bistro Look.

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Formal dining restaurants can be a bit stuffy and you may not want to use their design cues in your home. However, the more relaxed atmosphere of a bistro does transfer really well to a domestic setting. Get the modern bistro look with some exposed brickwork complemented by large chalkboards. Use ceiling hung lighting and bright primary colors. There’s no need for tablecloths or an expanse of soft furnishings. To get the bistro atmosphere going, encourage a relaxed dining experience.

Fun Ideas.

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Why not do away with your large dining table and replace it with three or four matching smaller tables. Just as with restaurants, you will then be able to cater for a larger party if you need to, but only use one table for a more intimate meal if it just for two. If you like to entertain and cook, this can be a really fun way of doing it. And if you have the inkling, why not convert your garage to create a truly novel dining experience. Turn your garage over to a diner, bistro or even a formal restaurant design and invite your friends over for a party.

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