Tahoe Noir coffee and end table collection

Coffee tables are not mainly practical or functional furniture pieces. They are usually decorative, especially in the case of the coffee table. It’s a piece that is usually placed in the middle of the house. It’s a nice piece that usually comes in handy in the morning, when people usually have coffee, or when guests come over and then it serves as a place to store the cups and glasses.

Tahoe Noir Table Collection

This collection includes a coffee table and an end table. They are both elegant and beautiful. The coffee table is especially interesting because, unlike most of the pieces of its type, it also provides the user with some extra storage space. So it’s both practical and stylish. The end table, on the other hand, it’s supposed to provide storage space. This is exactly what it does, also with style. This collection is made of wood and it has a beautiful noir finish.

The pieces are available separately or as a set. The coffee table is available for $699 or $499 on sale and the end table for $399 or $299 on sale. The whole set is $1 098 or $699 on sale. It’s a pretty good deal.They would both look great in any type of home. And if you place them in the same room, they will have a uniform and elegant look. If you need them both anyway, then it would be smart to purchase the set and not the pieces separately.