Tables Looking like Formula 1 Cars

Good designers find inspiration anywhere, in fields that apparently have nothing to do with their activity. For example these nice-looking colourful tables were inspired by Formula 1 cars and are meant to look like these cars. The designer, Konstantin Grcic called them Champions because he sees these tables as champions both in the world of industrial design and also as racing cars for Formula 1. His works are presently displayed in Paris, in Kreo Gallerie and the exhibition will be open for public until July.

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The tables have a thick glass round or rectangular tabletop that allows you to see what’s under it. This way you can admire the interesting and colourful design of the table body and legs that are meant to look like Formula 1 cars. The legs are made of aluminum and they are colourfully painted and written on to look like the advertisements on these cars. Even though all the words and designs on Formula 1 cars are usually provided by stickers, the designer chose to paint the words and lacquer them for a better look. And one more mention needs to be made: they are all made up and none of them advertises a real company or product.

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You can admire these works of art produced by the industrial designer Konstantin Grcic in Paris and decide if they are real Champions or not.