Swimming Pool Design with Mosaic Glass Tiles by Glassdecor

Locking for new changes for you pool, then take a look at Glassdecor design. Spanish company offers a lot of amazing solutions to decorate both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Today there are many tiles, mosaics and paints you can use to create a style that is uniquely your own. And when you get to the shape and exterior of the pool you can really go wild. Think of different materials you can use to create the pool of your dreams.


If you really want to have a unique and impressive swimming pool, then you have to think about it before starting to build it. The most important thing is the shape so this is the first detail that you have to take into consideration. You can have a round or rectangular swimming pool, but there are also other options, like asymmetric shapes. But if you already have the pool but you still want to change its appearance to make it look a little more special and attractive, than you can always do that with the colorful tiles.



These are just a few examples if how you can create a unique and very beautiful and fun design for your pool. You can create simple images or more detailed and complicated ones. Personally I think I would choose to create a coral reef under my pool or something more fun and colorful, depending on the opinion of the other person that I’ll be sharing the pool with.