Sweet Honeycomb Lamp Shades by DesignTree

Honey, the sweetest of all sweets and a healthy and natural ingredient is a great product that it should not be missing from our homes. It is known the fact that honey and other natural components that are also the result of these hardworking insects called bees, have curative properties. It is also a product used in cosmetics and naturalist medicine.

Honeycomb lamp shades designtree 21

DesignTree has also inspired from nature and the beehive was the thing that helped it to create these Sweet Honeycomb Lamp Shades.If you want to add some sweetness to your interiors and a beautiful glow then these lovely Honeycomb Lamp Shades are perfect for you. You will be surprised to know that they are made of recycled polyester and a steel spider ring.

Sweet Honeycomb Lamp Shades by DesignTree

Another great thing about these honeycomb lamp shades is related to the fact that you can fit easily with any kind of interior as they are available in three colors as myst, clay and orange and also come into two shapes, half and full shade.

Their funny design will also become a nice attraction point for your kids too who will adore them. They will be fascinated by the honeycomb shape and the beautiful glow that will invade all the room.