8 Creative DIY Projects You Can Do With Paint Chips

For some reason, we find paint chips to be very fun and cute and we enjoy collecting them. We like playing with colors and we very much enjoy finding new things to use them for. The versatility of these paint swatches can be seen in the many creative uses we have given them. The following DIY projects explore this versatility and offer a bunch of inspiring ideas for you to use on your next craft.


Something cute and also useful you can make with paint swatches is a chandelier. It may sound unusual but it can easily be done. You’ll need a hole punch and a bunch of paint swatches in different shades. When you have a bunch of colored circles it’s time to put them together. There are several strategies you can use here. One is to arrange a few circles in a line and sew them together down the middle.{found on heygorg}.

Framed paint chip cricle art

Another thing you can do with paint chips is framed wall art. The project is very simple and described in detail on realpurdy. Basically, after you punch out circles of different colors, you glue them onto a piece of white cardboard and then you frame them. It’s that simple and you can create any design and pattern you want.

Back to school paint chip calendar

If you prefer something more practical, then how about a paint chip calendar? You can use different colors for different types of events or for week days and weekends. A very simple idea can be to use push pins to attach each paint chip to a cork board. This way you can easily remove and replace them. {found on sayyes}.

Party paint chimp banner

Let’s say you have some decorating to do for a party. Some bunting would sure look festive. You can use paint chips to simplify this project. Since these are usually rectangular, you can fold them in half and then cut them each into a triangle shape. Glue the two parts together and then decorate them with washi tape. After this, all you have to do is thread them together.{found on thisdesignjournal}

Paint chimp easter garland

You can also use colorful paint chips to make a cute Easter garland. The first step is to trace out the egg template on the back of the swatches. Then cut them all out and punch two small holes at the top of each egg. You can then thread them onto cord or yarn and arrange them however you want. You can find more details onmodernparentsmessykids.

Paint Chip Brown Bags

For the project on thebeautydojo you don’t need a lot of paint chips. In fact, you only need one. Here you can find out how to make tags for gifts or for packed things in general. For each tag you need a paint chip, scissors and letter stamps. Snip off the printer part and then stamp on your letters. Punch two holes at the top and attach it to the bag with some twine.

Cool framed wall art with paint chimps

The chevron wall art featured on lovehuehome was also made using paint chips. The project goes like this: first you find a frame and a lot of paint chips. Cut the chips to get the chevron stripe pattern and then start arranging them into the frame. You can glue them on one by one once you’re happy with the arrangement.

Attic staircase wall decor with chimps

Another very ingenious use for paint chips can be found on cozylittlecave. Here they were use to cover the staircase walls. In a way this is similar to applying wallpaper except you’ll be doing it one little piece at a time. You can use this idea to customize the décor of your own home, maybe even create an accent wall for one of the rooms.

Simple made paint chimp wall art

The paint chip sunset featured on simplyrealstyle is pretty awesome and, as you probably already guessed, made of paint chips. If you want to make something similar you better be prepared to collect a whole lot of paint chips in different shades, mostly orange, blue, white and some gray and yellow. After you punch holes in all of them to get the circles, the hard part comes. You’ll have to arrange them to create the abstract image of a sunset. Of course, other designs can also be created in a similar manner.