Have Yourself a Swedish (Decor) Little Christmas

There’s something magical about combining the look and feel of Swedish décor with Christmastime. Evergreens, candles, handmades, even a Christmas goat (julbock) or two – it seems as though the pieces are part of a puzzle meant to be put together this time of year.

Swedish christmas tree

Fake white christmas tree
A Swedish Christmas wouldn’t be, well, a Swedish Christmas without plenty of red and white. A look of fresh homemade simplicity is a big part of what makes this style so charming. Then, paired with a few sprigs of greens, you’ve got yourself the whole traditional Christmas color scheme.

Decor for swedish christmas

Small christmas tree
Of course, your Sweden-inspired holiday décor doesn’t have to solely include red and white to still maintain that Swedish charm. An eclectic blend of Scandinavian items, paired with some found or heirloom (read: old and charmingly beat-up) furniture, creates a lovely vignette for the season.

Window christmas decor
Speaking of keeping things simple, how about this large wire wreath? Made of what appears to be heavy gauge wire and fitted with a battery-powered candle at the bottom, this half boxwood-covered wreath breathes cheerful warmth and holiday cheer into a window.

Scandinavian winter wedding inspiration
Sheepskin-draped furniture is a wonderful way to bring in a Scandinavian style…and it’s functional, too, especially in the cold winter months! The soft whiteness softens the edges of a space and let friends and family cozy right on up.

Wood christmas tree
Swedish candelabras and tree replicas come in all shapes and sizes, from floor models to tabletop versions to the tiniest of miniatures. By nature, these are virtually the “stick figures” of traditional Christmas trees…but adorned with traditional Swedish ornaments and candles, they keep the full stock of décor charm.

Swedish living room decor
If you’ve got the wooden ceiling beams that are so integral to true Swedish style, hanging some oversized ornaments from them is a simple and lovely way to bring Christmas inside.

Tree hat
I think it probably goes without saying, but just in case…don’t forget the Tomten! Happy Christmas.

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