Swedish blogger selling her house

This beautiful black and white interior is actually the home of a Swedish blogger called Annaleena. It’s a very elegant property and the interior design is especially stylish. As you can see, the décor is mostly black and white, with some colorful additions in the case of decorations. However, these are not in vibrant or bright color but rather in brown, pale pink or beige, all colors that subtly integrate into the black and white décor.

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The residence is both elegant and creative. Notice the room that seems to be a children’s bedroom. Is surprisingly sober for this purpose and it lacks any bright colors that kids usually like. However, there is a small bed in there and some toys, plus one of the walls includes a write-on surface.

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The residence seems to have an industrial look, but it’s obviously more stylish and chic than that. The space is functionally divided and every detail has its own place. Overall, this is a beautiful residence that seems to have been taken from a black and white movie. The different heights and finishes create contrast and dynamism. I would never bored admiring the decorations. I couldn’t find the exact address of this residence nor the price for which the owner sells it. Nevertheless, I think we’ll probably here about it again really soon.