Swedbank office by Audrius Ambrasas Architects

The Swedbank office is created by Audrius Ambrasas Architects at Konstitucijos Ave. 20, Vilnius, Lithuania covering a total area of 23000 square meters above the ground and 19000 square meters under the ground.  The site where the bank’s building is to be constructed falls near the riverbank of Neris and is treated as an integral part of this newly formed center.

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The bank is being developed at the junction point of the Konstitucijos Avenue and the pedestrian street which lies at the center of the old Ukmerges Street.  Because of this, the pedestrian street has gained more popularity and has become the center point of the building composition consisting of three main parts namely, the base of the building, the two towers and the horizontal 4-storey part. The two towers are 16 and 14 storeys respectively.

Essential client services are carried on the ground floor and the café and auditorium are built on the first floor which provides a marvelous view to the Neris riverbank. Though the cafe space and Pedestrian Street along with the ground floor constitute the public space, separate zones for specific functions are also placed in that region. The roof of the base is utilized for recreation and greenery zones.