Swarovski Crystals Toilet Design

There are allways people born rich and there will allways be demand  in a certain niche for flashy  objects that are  highly expensive and still  meeting the same basic functions.I think that this particularly fashion trend started in the Saudi Arabia, a place in wich money are not measured by the number but by the kilo.They covered  for the first time expensive luxury cars in crystals and gold.Now the trend took over the entire world and more and more people with lots of money buy these objects.

Ginza tanaka designed swarovski crystal toilet

Ginza Tanaka designed a toilet decorated with 72.000 Swarovski crystals for the just mentioned social class.This designer its not at his first creation of this type, a few years ago he  had given us the “world’s most expensive Christmas tree” and other glided toys.This time he has gone for the Swarovki bling.Producing these hi-end toiletries was a bit challanging.Made over a period of one mounth  and costing around 128,390$ this special toilet seat is on display for those who are looking to attend the nature’s call in a truly extravagant manner.

However, Gunza Tanaka struck the “blinging” chord for those who are up to date  with this style.I’m referring also  to the showbusiness area and I guess that  the Hip-Hop and other related areas are already placing orders.If you are in  mood of purchasing something really show piece for your bathroom there is also availiable the”Isis Swarowski seat” priced around 75,000 $ or  the “Swarovki My Carry Potty” for your kid’s “bling pooping”.{found on Telegraph}