Swarovski crystal table lamps by Schonbek

Nowadays the trend is     to have cool and modern homes that are really simple, but showing good taste. However, if you want to have a bit of luxury you can choose an expensive exquisite leather sofa and some interesting table lamps. And what could be more amazing than a glittering desk lamp that is all decorated with Swarovski crystals? They are so nice and beautiful and reflect light in many different ways that you  could mistake them for real diamonds.

All the models that you can see here are designed by some guy called Schonbek and they all look very nice. I like the cube shaped one most because it looks more special, unusual and interesting, but actually all of them are beautiful. Not only are they really expensive, but they also add class and glamour to your home. And since each of these Swarovski crystals is considered to be a jewel, you will have to pay about $2,000 for one of these amazing table lamps. But it is worth it if you want something unique, something that nobody else can afford and which will make your friends’ heads spin when they see it.