Suurupi House extension by Architektid Muru & Pere

There are so many incredible architectural designs, and there is a lot of unique architectural design just like the Suurupi House, which was being extended over time. It is now a 1,264 square meter house in Suurupi Village of Estonia by Architektid Muru&Pere with a team of three; Anna-Meria Erik, Peeter Pere and Urmas Muru. The interior of the house on the other hand was designed by the designer Kaido Kivi.

Suurupi House extension by Architektid Muru & Pere2

Suurupi Muru/Pere

Anyways, the Suurupi House was started as a humble small one storey house like a matchbox for a small family. With the growth of the family members and the need of more living areas, the house slowly got extended as more spaces and rooms were added to the house. It was first started with the living room being extended, a storage room was then added as more storage spaces were needed, outdoor swimming pool was later added, and then eventually a second floor was added to the house for more relaxing spaces for the family.

As time pass, the small little house keep getting bigger and bigger together with the family with the second floor of the house stretched out like a drawer and is covered with woods like a bird nest.