Suspension lamp with a difference

Le Soleil is a special suspension lamp made out of polycarbonates that are available in different color schemes in the market. It can be found in red, white, and aquamarine color options. These special suspension lamps create a unique luminous effect because of the use of the polycarbonate material in the shade. The beams of the light in these lamps are projected upwards with the illumination, which is directed downwards. The Le Soleil is available for 1551$.

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The lamp has an irregular shape and that makes me crazy. I guess I have a problem. But still, I admit it’s a nice detail and it makes it look more modern. I particularly like the bright colors used to paint the lamps. There are three options for you to choose from: the classic white, the red and a very beautiful tone of green. The last one is my favorite. The light emanated by these lamps is a very soft one. So this makes them appropriate for the bedroom, where a diffuse light is everything you need to set up a romantic atmosphere or to simply relax while watching TV or reading a book before going to sleep.

It’s a really nice lamp design. And it’s simple too. The only detail that I can name is the irregular shape. Other than that it’s a very simple and quite common shape for a suspended lamp. But it’s small things like this one that make an item special.