Superb Hanging House in Ubatuba, Brazil

Today we would like to present you a superb house in Ubatuba, one of São Paulo state’s most important cities. Designed by SPBR Arquitetos this brazilian house is a stunning home, surrounded by law protected vegetation.

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The house is situated at the far right end of Tenório’s Beach and you could say that it is hanging above the lavish vegetation. The entrance is the terrace on top of the building, which is the only part of the house that is at the same level as the street. It is supported by three concrete columns and has four beams that lay on top of them, in order to hang the slabs.

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Furthermore, the house has big windows that allow the owners to enjoy full views of the beach, trees and sea. It is kept very simple, with a style that combines traditional and modern elements. Another feature is the swimming pool on the terrace, where you can cool off after a day of hard work.

This concrete house is an astounding place that benefits from its gorgeous location.