Sunshine Cosmos Storage Bushel

Every time I clean my house I find something to store. There are many toys and newspapers, magazines and all sorts of other things like recycled paper, fire wood or socks, dirty laundry or something else you need to deposit somewhere for a shorter or longer time. And since they can’t have their own place all the time, you must store them in a drawer or some other storage device like a bushel for example. This Sunshine Cosmos Storage Bushel is very nice, merry looking and very useful. It helps you store the things you need inside and also offers a great design for the eyes.

SunshineCosmos storageBushel MWhat I like about this bushel is its stability. It can stay up very well thanks to the steel frame . It can easily be moved from one place to another because it has two “handy” handles attached. The fabric it is made of is a bit hard near the handles in order to make the bushel more resistant. Its dimensions are perfect 19″ top x 12″ base x 18″h (24″ wide with handles) and you can use it in any room of the house. It is perfect for the kids room and the colour recommend it for this room, too. You can purchase this item online forView in gallery