Sunny small apartment in Santa Monica

This small apartment is located in Santa Monica, CA. Despite its dimensions, it has a sunny and bright interior. The apartment measures 480 square feet but it seems actually bigger than that. It’s because of the airy interior décor. First of all, all the rooms have large windows. They allow natural light to get inside and this makes the room bright and airy.

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Moreover, there’s also the rest of the décor. This apartment has hardwood floors and they make any space seem cozy and inviting. The living room is already large. It features a cozy sofa and a stylish chair along with a rustic coffee table. Since anything else would have made the room seem crowded, the storage units have been replaced with shelves. A mirror hanging on the wall behind the sofa makes the room seem even larger.

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The apartment features a vintage décor. Everything from the furniture to the decorations and accessories comes from flea markets. The pieces have their own stories and they each have a history. They all found a home to be in and they have been carefully chosen to match with the rest of the décor.

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The apartment is small but even this type of apartments needs some storage space. It’s not easy to solve this problem when you have little space available. In this case, an entire wall was covered with storage units. This pretty much solved the problem. As it usually happens in such cases, when you have little floor space you have to come up with something else. Hanging furniture is a great idea. You can simply mount the pieces on the wall and free up floor space while also adding storage space. At the end, the key to successfully decorating a small apartment is to only include meaningful pieces to avoid clutter.