Sunflower Bench

When it is really cold outside and you stay indoors with your nose pressed against the window, looking at the storm outside, I bet you think about … sunny days and hot beaches and flowers. At least I do. I dream about the hot summer days and the sunflowers in my vase and in my garden. I don’t know exactly why, but I like sunflowers. They are not exactly flowers, but surely look like ones and they are so big and cheerful. I can almsot see them smiling with rosy cheeks when I look at them. So this Sunflower Bench brings a bit of summer sunshine into my home in these cold days and makes my day a bit merrier.

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This bench has a solid hickory base and a very colourful and nicely designed top. This top is entirely made of wood and the pattern is one with sunflowers. It is a nice and merry pattern and also the top is very comfortable to touch and feel. The bench is perfect to be used on the terrace but also to keep in your hallway and use while trying to put your boots on. You can even use it in the kids room or maybe outdoors. It all depends on what you need and where it fits best. The item is now available for $425.