Sundial for the Garden

Ever since people have started realizing time passes by them regularly, they tried to measure it in order to be able to make certain estimations about the length of a period of time needed for a certain thing. So they invented the first time measurements – first with the help of the hourglass and then with sundials. Of course the first sundials were only made of a stick that had a circle drawn in the sand around it on the beach. But then the next more accurate sundials were made of stone and metal. And now you can use these modern and stylish sundials to make your garden more beautiful and attractive.


I found some amazing sundials on this web site (Court Yard Sundials) belonging to a British company and I was amazed to see just how many choices you have there: you can choose between wall mounted sundials and horizontal sundials, some made of metal and some made of brass, round or square and having different colours and materials and models. In my opinion this is heaven on earth for those who love sundials.

But all these sundials have one thing in common: they can make your garden look unique and beautiful, with personality and style, and if you are clever enough to arrange the alleys , the bench and maybe a water fountain outdoors, in your nice garden you can feel like you are traveling in time, back to when people’s lives were a lot more simple and maybe happier.

So if you have a garden or a patio and want to make it special by placing a sundial there, either on the wall or simply placed on a stone pedestal, you can do it now for a price between £27 the most simple model and up to £1945 for the most sophisticated model.