Sunburst Seagulls Sculpture

Our homes are filled with lots and lots of things, more or less useful. Some of them are pieces of furniture or home appliances, but sometimes we just buy some things that look nice and make our houses beautiful. These are paintings, sculptures, flower arrangements – everything that can be used as home decoration. This Sunburst Seagulls Sculpture is perfect for decorating your home, may it be pretty modern in design or, on the contrary, traditional and conservative. As works of art are timeless and only increase their value as they grow old, this sculpture is never out of fashion and will always be appreciated by a person with an artistic sense.

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The sculpture is made of brass and the applied seagulls are made of copper and brass. It is made to be hung on the wall, making any living room look amazing. It would be better valued in a big room because otherwise it would look everything around look so small and the room crowded. That can happen not because of its size (10″ diameter), but because it draws attention on it and can be better valued on a big empty wall. It seems to have been made in the middle of the twentieth century by Curtis Jere and you can now purchase it online for $150.