Summer retreat on Fire Island by Resolution: 4 Architecture

This beautiful summer retreat is located in Fire Island, New York, USA. It was designed and built by Resolution: 4 Architecture (RES4) in collaboration with Joseph Tanney and Robert Luntz. The house covers a 3379 sq ft area and it was completed in 2008. Fire Island is a barrier island off of Long Island, NY, a place that offers splendid views and a very friendly environment for summer houses.

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The house was built for a family that works and lives in Manhattan and that wanted a private place where they can spend the holidays and where they can go for some peace and relaxation. The structure of the house is divided into two volumes, one for living and one for entertainment. This way the two areas don’t interfere and everyone can enjoy their favorite activities without bothering the others.

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The two areas are connected by a glass bridge. The house also features a courtyard and a pool, both perfect for fun and relaxation. The house was designed to allow beautiful outdoor views while still offering privacy for the inhabitants. The private rooms of the house are located on top of a larger public area. The barrier between indoor and outdoor spaces is nearly invisible thanks to the sliding glass doors. Overall, the house has very airy and casual look, perfect for a summer retreat.{found on archdaily}