Summer-Inspired Place Settings: Ideas & Inspiration

Summer is all about relaxation, stealing some shade and lots of cold drinks and easy meals. But that doesn’t mean we need to stray away from style at the table. Even if we’ve just thrown together a fruit salad and sandwiches, you can still create something pretty and quick so your table looks fresh, stylish and quintessentially summer. Take a look at some light and airy summer-inspired place setting ideas and grab some inspiration for the dinner table!

1. Sweet Daisies.

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Whether you picked some daisies in the backyard or from your very own flower garden, a few on the table will bring the right amount of youth and life. Pair it with some muted blues and maybe even a red and white checkered tablecloth, which we all know is summertime to a “T.” There’s no fuss about this settings, it’s strictly cleaned and precise, with just the right amount of sunny flair.

2. Pops of Yellow.

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Yellow is always a great option when inspiring and complimenting a summery feel. Use different patterns or shades of this lively color and then layer the table. mix with ivories for a cleaner and even brighter palette and then top it off with a fresh, cool glass of lemonade. This is great for the dining room table but even better for the patio in the backyard when the girls come over for a light lunch.

3. Colorful Stripes & Polka Dots.

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Summer is youthful and vivacious and fun. And so are stripes and polka dots dipped in loud colors. Mix the two and put them on the table. Pair striped dishes with polka dotted napkins or reverse that. Don’t be afraid of mixing these bold colors because it’ll only create a super fun feel and style for the table.

4. Bohemian Florals.

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We all feel a little more free during summer. The flowers, the sunshine, the need to be outdoors. Bring that to the table. Mix different prints and colors, layer different fabrics and use bright-colored florals to highlight your creations. It’s summery and perfect for a casual neighborhood meal. You may be grilling burgers but this will still add a certain bit of femininity needed to complete a good meal.

5. Simple Fruits.

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A strawberry, a nice ripe cherry or a peach – these can all be used to create a simple and sweet place setting. Just grab your crisp, white plates and let the fruits to do talking. They’ll pop right off the plate and look and feel quintessentially summer without all the excess clean up.