Summer Design Ideas for A Comfortable Home

As far as comfort goes, winter is probably the best season for that. It’s when our homes feel the most comfortable, cozy and inviting. By comparison, summer should be the opposite. This time of the year we spend most of the time outdoors and, when inside, we feel trapped. Learn how to make your home feel comfy and welcoming during summer too.

Keep it close to the house.

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It’s natural to want to get out during summer and to spend time outdoors. But don’t separate the two zones by placing your outdoor living space away from the house. Create a connection between the interior spaces and the patio, deck or terrace so they feel like part of the same structure.

Invite nature in.

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The main reason why like to spend time outdoors is because of the brightness, the vibrant colors and beautiful nature. Include all these elements in your interior design. Use light and bright colors, bold color accents which are also found in nature and decorate with fresh plants and flowers.

Make the outdoors feel comfy.

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Brings items usually found inside the house such as pillows or area rugs outdoors to make the space feel more comfortable and cozy.

Use light textures and summery patterns.

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It’s important to let your interior décor change with the seasons. Summer should bring with it light textures, casual textiles and cheerful prints. Floral patterns actually look better when it’s sunny outside. Also, consider hanging a few themed pictures representing things like flowers or waves.

Emphasize freshness.

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Of course, changing your whole home décor is out of the question. Focus just on highlighting certain elements such as the beautiful green plant you have in your home. Place it on the coffee table for everyone to see.

Use cheerful colors.

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You can make a room feel cheerful and bright with only a few adjustments. For example, a few bright-colored pillows on the sofa and some colorful decorations on the shelves would definitely change the mood.

Use the fireplace.

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This may sound ridiculous… to light up the fireplace in the summer. Actually, the fireplace can make a room feel cozy and welcoming no matter what the season is. It’s all about the energy and the relaxing ambiance it creates.