Sultan Pouf

Ever since people came out of caves and started looking around, they realized they can take advantage of their power over the things and animals around. But they were immediately divided into two distinct categories: the ones who picked fruit from trees and grew vegetables in the vegetable garden and the ones who went hunting. I can say that things are pretty much the same, keeping proportions. Well, that is why nowadays lots of people still love hunting, even though there are more and more organizations protesting about it. But their desire is above all these protests and they even like having hunter trophies and items around the house. This Sultan Pouf is a marvelous object that reminds us of our hunting ancestors. That is because it is upholstered in genuine cow hide.

Hg140833It is round and comfortable like any other pouf, but it has great design, as the cowhide pieces are diamond shaped and then interwoven in a pleasant pattern, so as the final result will be a nice one. The different yet very close shades of each piece in the puzzle give a great overall picture and make it look amazing in any living room. Of course the pouf needs a very strong and resistant skeleton that will support the body weight, and this pouf is no exception. It is now available for $956 at Jayson Home.