Suggestions For Wardrobe In Small Apartment

Do you live in an apartment that features small bedrooms with limited space? Well, if this is the case, then it is assured that you must be finding it really tough to accommodate enough storage space for your clothes and accessories. On the other hand, the problem is assured to be a bigger one if you have a large collection of clothes. No need to worry anymore as there is a myriad of small wardrobe options specially designed for small apartments.

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Sliding door wardrobes – Sliding door wardrobes are an excellent choice for small apartments featuring limiting space for storage. These wardrobes are so efficiently designed that you will not feel deprived or inferior. In addition, they are compact in size and offer adequate storage capacity. The only difference between sliding door wardrobes and the typical door wardrobes lies in their style of opening. As the doors of sliding door wardrobes are to be slide and not to be opened in front, there is no requirement of free space in front of the wardrobe. Therefore, the sliding door wardrobes can be introduced in any part of a room without having to worry about the space available in front.

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Built in wardrobes – Every room is known to feature some corner or wasted space due to its odd placement or shape. This corner space along with adjacent space can be easily used to create built-in wardrobes for small rooms. The built- in wardrobes work amazingly for small rooms as the functional space of the room is not used, and a lot of space is saved. The arches and the curves of the corner space can be effectively used to create storage space. It is best if you can work with an interior designer to decide upon the designs of your built-in wardrobes.

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Full length wardrobes – if the available space is very limited and there is no other option but to introduce a typical wardrobe then consider introducing full length compact wardrobes. The full length wardrobes come up to the ceiling and hence there is no wastage of space. The space in the above portion of the full length wardrobes can be used to store frequently used things such as raincoats, sweaters, caps, handbags and more. In addition, the bottom part can be used to store shoes, slippers and socks.