Sue Wright Mirror

Berries are good and tasty and people like them. They love their taste and also the way they look. So why not use them as a source of inspiration for the design of a mirror? Well, this beautiful Sue Wright Mirror is inspired by those tiny and colourful wild berries and they are used here as decoration for the frame of a mirror. The mirror looks great with this design and this is actually what makes it so appealing in the first place. Without them it would be nothing more than another boring round mirror.

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This round mirror does look like the sunburst mirror that I like so much, but it is a bit more different and closer to nature, just the way I prefer it to be. The mirror is delicate and nice and also hand crafted by very skillful artisans in Mexico. Each mirror is unique, as it is hand made, so it has its particular feature and colour. You can choose from a variety of colours and also order it online for $700.You will make it the special accessory that will bring style to your living room. Merry and playful, the mirror is perfect for decorating a modern home, especially if you are a woman.