Successful Sofa Tables

Sofa tables are one of those furnishings that, for all intents and purposes, isn’t particularly critical to the success of a space. Sure, they are lovely and functional and nice, but a living room doesn’t “have” to have a table behind the sofa to make it work. However, that being said, sofa tables are also one of those furnishings that, when chosen and styled carefully, have the ability to coordinate and enhance the entire space with seemingly little effort or conscious notice. Below are some examples of successful sofa tables that do just that…and why:

Leggy dresser as sofa table –

Colorful room design

Let’s just state the obvious first: what fabulous storage on this sofa table! The drawers-as-table works nicely here because the framed white drawer units loosely coordinate with the wall details, and the piece feels right at home in the white-brown chunkiness of the space. (Even the sconces are squatty rectangular, as are the window Roman shades.) An important detail to note is that the top of the sofa table is lower than the sofa cushions. I think the taller leg proportions on this sofa table make it seem less like a dresser and, therefore, more appropriate in this space.

Parsons sofa table…ish –

Colorful room design

This table brings glossy contemporary simplicity amidst a comfortable, almost rustic space. The table is within the light wood hues range of the ceiling beams, window trim, and built-ins, but it is kept slightly deeper-toned to set it apart. (This is a nice decision to keep things from seeming matchy-matchy.) The room is tastefully minimalistic, and the style and décor of the sofa table coincide with this scheme impeccably. I love the patterned ottomans nestled under the table, emphasizing the middle-leg detail.

Long and lean sofa table –

Colorful room design

When a room is all lines, as this room seems to be, a sofa table that exudes a linear architecture will undoubtedly feel right at home. To keep the table from blending in too much, however, it keeps a darker tone. This dark color is found on the frames throughout the space, making the sofa table almost feel like a frame itself (a detail I love!). There is a sense of simple, no-nonsense symmetry in the table’s décor that matches the zen feel of the room.

Distressed farmhouse sofa table –

Colorful room design

This space is country cottage through and through, and any other type of sofa table than this distressed number just wouldn’t seem right. Its rustic blue-brown color works so well with the orange hues found throughout the room. The sofa table drawers are not only stylish, but they add functionality as well. Overall, the table’s style works impeccably well in this charming traditional space, complete with beam ceilings and plaid furnishings.

Bookcase as sofa table –

Colorful room design

If you’re out of ideas in trying to find the perfect sofa table for your space, consider this creative one: take an Ikea Expedit single unit, turn it sideways, and add casters. By covering the top surface with a coordinating textile, you will be able to mask the Ikea-ness of the piece itself while also capitalizing on the great storage of those statement cubbies. I love this idea in this bright, airy, and sweetly eclectic space.

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