Stylish tree house in the forests of Portland

If you’re the type of person who really loves nature, then you should embrace it and, why not, move there. This next design idea is the perfect example of how you can do that with style.Designed by Robert Harvey Oshatz Architects, this abstract and very interesting house can be found in the woods of Portland, Oregon.

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The owner is a music lover and this unusual house is the perfect place to get some inspiration. It almost looks like a tree house, a very stylish one. The main level is located in a tree canopy and the entire structure is mostly made of natural materials, so it integrates in a very natural way in the surroundings.

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But even if it might look like a simple tree house, it certainly isn’t. It has a very curved and abstract appearance that fits very well in that zone. It is a nice and peaceful place where you can relax and find some inspiration, or where you can just go to get away from all the noise and stress that you encounter in the city. An artistic house for an art lover. A perfect fit.