Stylish toilets that fits your bathroom

Neo-Metro launches new class of compact toilets that is suitable for use in compact urban homes. This one is called The MiniLoo and it certainly proves that good things come in packages, which are small. This toilet measures only about 14 x 14 inches and it fits perfectly into any compact corners in the bathroom. The colors available for this toilet are very attractive and add style to the bathroom.

Compact toilet for small bathrooms miniloo neo metro 1View in gallery

People generally tend to neglect the bathroom when it comes to renovating and decorating the house. It’s a big mistake, because the bathroom is as important as any other room. It’s particularly important to create a pleasant design that makes the users feel comfortable and welcomed in there. And it has to be very functional and practical because this is its main purpose.

Compact toilet for small bathrooms miniloo neo metro 1

And when it comes to bathroom fixtures, the toilet is the most difficult to make look like a stylish and elegant piece, because it’s not. But there are some ways of how you can do that. The shape and the design can’t be changed, because this is the way I has been for a long time and it’s a good choice. But you can do something else to make it look more interesting and chic. For example you can choose a nice and vibrant color with a glossy finish, like the ones in this collection. They are especially attractive because of the color and the simplicity of the design.