Stylish stackable chairs

When it comes to furniture there is an infinity of options. Most of them can be split into traditional and modern or into simple and complex. But sometimes we feel the need to have something in between, something that is simple and yet striking. This particular chair is just that. The chair was designed by Xavier Pauchard and it’s a very versatile piece of furniture. It’s available in a variety of different finishes both for indoor and outdoor.

Red chair

The dimensions of the chair are H850 × W450 × D460 mm and it weights 4.4 kg. Because of their design the chair are stackable and when not used they take less spaces and they are easier to store. There are three outdoor finishes to choose from: the Cataphoresis, Galvanized not varnished and Galvanized varnished. There are also some indoor finishes, like raw steel glossy varnish, raw steel matt varnish or simple paint.

You can also opt for leather seating that can be either black or burgundy. This particular type of chairs can be used for example in the dining room as they are comfortable and have a simple and yet stylish design. They would also be a very beautiful choice for the outdoor space like terraces or decks. In case you need some extra comfort you can add a soft cushion on top.The price it’s available on request.